Tempered glass heat soak furnace A Type
Return Application

FYJZ tempered glass heat soak furnace (Homogeneous furnace) is an auxiliary equipment of tempered glass.Completing the glass tempering process ,enter the heat soak furnace to detonation of tempered glass which has self-explode defects.Thus can avoid exploding in the.glass process of installation and use met the criterion of British EN14179-1:2005.

Electric control system principle:

Turn it on,set the time for homogenizing,cooling,and the upper and lower limit of temperature.,push the computer heat and start button.According to the design of the curve,complete the whole control process automatically.The temperature acquisition module can collect and exist current temperature curve and historical temperature curve automatically .The historical temperature curve can queries by enter any stage of time and based on need  to choose print.

The main function of:

Automatic generation of functional real-time temperature curve.

Automatic generation of functional historical temperature curve (history curve can be retained)

The temperature curve automatic query and print functions (print can choose according to need).

Automatic recording system working state. Such as: boot, boot, exit the system.

The temperature is controlled by PID, the temperature curve can be set according to need.

Technical parameters: