Tempering furnace
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Steel furnace data:
Maximum specifications
Minimum specifications
Maximum arc custom
Glass thickness range: 3-19mm
Production capacity of 100 square meters /h (6mm meter)
Electricity consumption per square meter less than 3.8 degrees (6mm)
Comprehensive finished rate is more than 98%
Quality accords with GB15763.2-2005 standard
The deformation of the bow is less than 1.0/1000mm and the deformation of the waveform is less than 0.8/1000mm
The wind is not visible (single spot observation distance 1000mm, natural light, angle and the glass surface is greater than 15 degrees, the naked eye visual)
Tempered glass: float glass, coated glass (hard coating, part of the temperature of 700 degrees of soft coating),
Embossed glass, tinted glass.